Locl is a digital platform that facilitates voluntary organisations to share knowledge, resources and their collective achievements.

Our Help on Tap portal provides non profits with a single online ‘front door’ to: peer support, voluntary sector advisors and pro bono corporate experts.

It is about introducing the best of the share economy and open data to help transform the sector.

Locl has been launched in Oxfordshire and is being extended to Berkshire this month. It will be available in all counties in the UK shortly.

Locl OxfordshireLocl Berkshire

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Locl has been set up by the agency Digital for Good. It is being designed in conjunction with a panel of local charity chief executives and local infrastructure organisations. If you would like to get in touch with ideas or to collaborate we’d be pleased to hear from you.

We are running this as a pilot project in Oxfordshire and are currently extending it to Berkshire. In due course Locl will be available to all counties in the UK.

We can be reached:

via phone: 01865 600202
via email: hello@locl.org
via twitter: @_locl

Looking forward to hearing from you…